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How to Do Alimah Course Online

Welcome to Sami Al Quran Academy, your one stop minute for high quality islamic education. We feel proud to offer an alimah course suitable for ladies with knowledge and spiritual growth.

The online platform is a tool that facilitates you to learn comfortably at home.

With experienced teachers, a systematic curriculum and a competitive fee, our goal is to empower women to become academic leaders in our communities. Join us in this enlightenment journey towards understanding the quran and deepening the islamic teachings.

Need dedication and determination to get on the way to becoming an alimah. The Sami Al Quran academy offers a special online alimah course for ladies, providing a nurturing environment for women to flourish in their islamic education. Let’s explore the main aspects of this transformation program:

Alimah Course

Alimah Course Details

Our alimah course is thoughtfully designed to cover a wide range of essential subjects, including commentary (Tafsir), Hadith, Fiqh, Arabic grammar, and more. Curriculum has been created to ensure a complete understanding of islamic studies, empowering our students to become academic scholars.

Alimah Course Duration

At the Sami Al Quran Academy, we understand the importance of balance in responsibilities. So, our flexible course duration allows you to choose from different options, adjust your schedule and learning speed.

Alimah Course Fees

We believe that getting education is everyone’s right. Everyone should recognize education easily. We do not charge alimah course fee. It is only hadya which we get from our brothers and sisters.

Alimah Course for Ladies Online

 The online platform has revolutionized education, and the sami al quran academy has embraced the change. Our alimah course for ladies online provides a virtual classroom experience, combining convenience and excellence in education.

Alimah Course for Sisters in London and USA

Sami Al Quran Academy in London invited sisters to adopt tradition and modernization through our alimah course. Seek perseverance from expert scholars and contact minded individuals. And same as it is in USA.

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At the Sami Al Quran Academy, we are committed to raising a new generation of empowered ladies with a deep understanding of islamic teachings. 

Our alimah course provides learning experience for online sisters, online courses promote educational development and spiritual excellence. Together with us embraced the path of knowledge and became a beacon of light. Contact us Now to get free trial for 3 days.


Can I access the course content after completing the program?

Yes, students still have access to course content after completing the program, they are allowed to review their knowledge and reinforce them.

  1. Can I become alimah online?

The Alimah course is a comprehensive study of the equivalent of islamic education for the study of six years through an islamic institute. The online program of alim/alimah course is designed in depth with the basics of advanced level of study in Islam.

  1. What should be the eligibility criteria for doing the Alimah course?

There is no imprisonment of any kind to do the alimah course . The sister of every age can do the course of alima. Who has a basic understanding of the Quran and Arabic? No need for any formal education first.

  1. Is financial aid available to do the alimah course?

Sami Al quran academy provides scholarship opportunities and financial assistance to deserving students. Inquire with our admission team for more information.

  1. How are online classes going on?

In our online class, users are guided by a friendly virtual platform that ensures an interactive and engaging learning experience.

  1. How do I become an Alimah?

You can become a scholar by doing a course by learning more about Islam, it usually has a study of about 5-7 years. To become a full time alimah you can join a course online from your area, or an esteemed institution.

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