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How to Learn To Read Quran

The Quran is the last holy scripture of god according to the muslims, which was revealed about 1400 years ago about the last prophet of god, prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and his majesty. The Quran is the everlasting miracle of this great prophet who has not been changed or distorted till date. 

The Quran itself describes how Allah has protected the Quran from any alteration or distortion or alteration.

1•_ This letter is a miracle in terms of god’s word and eloquence and style.

It is very important for muslims to read and recite the Quran because it is a book which not only explains certain rules and commands of Islam but also includes many lesson lessons, stories, prepositions, words of advice, good news for believers and warning to disbelievers.

Reading the Quran in its original language (Arabic) has many benefits and rewards as described by the prophet muhammad (pbuh) and his (household) home .

2•_ This is because it is the language in which it was originally revealed. Seeing its correction, recommendations have been made to read the quran.

3• The fact that every Muslim is required to read several surahs of the Quran during daily prayers is yet another reason why it is crucial to read the Quran.

Learn To Read The Quran

learn to read quran

Education is a journey that will never stop and the importance of seeking knowledge in Islam is glorious. Matter will be more important when it comes to learning to read the Quran in specific.

There are many questions in your mind about how adults can learn how to read the Quran easily.

For example:

How long does it take to master Quran reading?

  • Can I learn by myself online?
  • How can I learn to read the Quran fluently?
  • How can I read the Quran the simplest way possible?
  •  Is there any easy way to learn to read the quran?
  • The length of time needed to learn the Quran.

There is no specific time to learn quran. Matter entirely depends on the person’s skill, perseverance and level of previous knowledge and experience. 

In case of incessantness and determination a person with any prior knowledge of Arabic can read mainly after the initial some months.In some cases, it may be less or more than that.For the moderate level, the adult also needs six to eight months of continuity and self-discipline. Enrolling in adult quran classes and following the instructions of a quran teacher can also help in this matter.

Learning how to read the quran is very difficult nowadays if someone does not have a skilled and capable teacher, another effective and effective way to learn the recitation of the quran is through online video lessons. The first step a learner should take of the quran is learning the Arabic alphabet.

If you want to learn other rules of reading the quran so that you can master reading the quran, you can subscribe to all our lessons by enrolling in Islam’s “how to read the quran” course. In addition to the alphabet you will also learn its rules

Learn To Read Quran Online

Need to learn to read the Quran correctly to start connecting with the book of Allah. Whether you are a beginner or know a little bit about Arabic, you need to learn Arabic from rabbits regularly. 

This course is designed to facilitate both children and adults through a very organized curriculum which is divided into levels. Our local Arab and certified tutors will enable you to read the quran in the same way as Arabs do.

Learn To Read Quran For Adults

Learn and read the Quran in the beginning: like to learn quran but you can’t read Arabic alphabet yet? The best course for you is then this one. Learning to read the Quran is never too late!

 They will be able to learn about the basic principles of reciting the quran. By the end of this course, the student will be able to read the quran directly. 

The quran is considered as the most important book of Islam. It includes stories of creation as well as laws of Allah on which muslims are asked to act. This holy book also helps to preserve the Arabic language.

Arabic can be deeply appreciated by reading and understanding it, don’t mention improving your islamic faith. But as an adult, you might believe that learning to read or memorize the Quran is too late or too challenging

While many muslims study the holy book as children, learning the quran is also for adults.

Age should not be an element when it comes to embracing this sacred text; Adult quran classes can help develop skills to engage with the quran like you’ve never before.

Some strategies for learning the quran for adults include:

Small Beginnings

Many children use qaida (qaida, al noorania) to learn how to read Arabic. In this book the proper pronunciation of Arabic letters is used in the Quran. Adults who are new to language can be helpful to qaida to read the quran.


Arabic vocabulary and grammar learning can make it easy to understand the teachings of the quran. Memorizing Arabic words can improve your ability to read the holy scriptures and absorb their meaning.

Learn Tajweed

Tajweed means “to improve.” These rules teach the proper pronunciation of Arabic terms. Learning tajweed can help you describe Arabic phrases correctly. In addition, you can learn how individual characters influence how to pronounce words and how to read clearly time courses. 

Ensures that when you recite the quran, you do so properly without changing the meaning of a passage. Classes that allow you to learn the quran online for adults can include tutorials.

Memorize The Short Passages First

It takes time to remember the quran, so break it into small parts. The more you practice, the deeper understanding of Allah’s word will become. Determined to read and memorize the quran can also deepen your faith in Islam, whether you are an adult or a child. The problem is not the age but your desire to dedicate yourself to the study of this holy book.

Learn To Read Quran In Arabic

The real case of learning to read the quran is in Arabic with something called “Mushafaha”, which means that sheikh teaches you face to face. In other words, you can’t just learn to read the quran by reading the quran in the books you read. We can consider that these books are a helping factor, which means that you have to learn to read the quran by reading the shaykh or the quran teacher first, so that the shaykh can teach you the correct pronunciation and correct you if you have made any mistake. You would not be surprised after considering the fact if you knew that this is how prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) learned the quran!

In fact, the prophet (peace and blessings of allah be upon him) was identified by the holy quran as al-nabi al-ummi (q.7:157), which means that he was illiterate and was never taught to read and all the words which were released from his mouth were given by an angel, who received the words from al Then these words were copied by a group of scribes and compiled in the quran. 

By the way it is a miracle to say this miraculous speech to an uneducated prophet and prove that these words are the words of Allah!

Thus, the prophet himself received the quran by listening to the angel Jibril,, (as the prophet is not the one who wrote the quran, but it is the speech of Allah) and then the prophet taught the sahaba, which shows that the sahaba himself learned to hear the quran from the prophet, and the sahaba succeeded the successors, and

We have three problems here that we want to prove to them:

 A)_ the prophet (peace and blessings of allaah be upon him) was illiterate.

 B)_ the prophet received the quran from angel jibreel.

 To find the best tutor to teach the quran, contact us here

Learn To Read Quran For Kids

The quran is one of the main responsibilities as a Muslim to teach children. To nourish the religion of our young children we need to provide them with the quality education they deserve. To meet this purpose, many quranic websites are now available. Being a Muslim first of all we need to have a clear understanding of the verses mentioned in the holy quran. It is important for you to read the full translation of the divine text. 

Every Muslim father or mother motivates his little child to learn quran. Fortunately, today’s children can analyze the quran online which is particularly useful. Because youth can use the net to educate themselves.

As we grow older we are constantly advised to be serious about our work and existence. And thus, not more than often, adults end up gloomy and matter-of-fact about everything. Tend to forget that things can be done in a very high way when people make their work hobbies and work environment conducive, interesting, and fun. Anything that looks like fun, pleasure and entertainment is directly interesting to children. 

So, if we young people desire to learn something, we should do it. And feel like something that is fun and enjoyable to do. This principle deals with encouraging young people to memorize the quran, as a terrible lot as it also applies.

When it comes to learning the quran for children, well there are some approaches that actually encourage them to test and memorize the quran.

Importance and steps of learning the Holy Quran for children:

Learning for children the importance of memorizing the quran during the quran is clearly a great grace for muslims for children. It helps to rightly guide the child by opening his mind and knowing the meaning and interpretation of the holy quran. It helps to guide the child in a good way. As the holy quran indicates the position and lofty position in the worldly life and hereafter. The quran will be the one to intercede for its reader on the day of resurrection.

Some steps should be followed by regular quran learning for children. For example setting a schedule for three days a week, memorizing the holy quran in the course of learning for children. Where a child is ordered to memorize at least one chapter of the small chapters of the holy quran, in order to simplify the process of memorizing it for The beginning of this process is by reading the fixed chapter of memorizing the child. 

Then explains some of the meanings that are difficult for a child to understand. Then the child is allowed to read at will so that he can fully understand the words.

•Parents Duties

Children are naturally more affected by their parents than anyone else. That is why it is the duty of Muslim parents to keep a few things, so that they can study the holy quran for their children. You should take care of your child’s cleaning and tuition etiquette.

Sami Al Quran: The Quran helps you to Read and Memorize

If you want to read the Quran, you don’t have to learn alone. Sami Al Quran provides online quran classes for adults that can give you = tools to learn Arabic, study and memorize the quran, and fully embrace Muslim faith.

When you sign up for classes with samialquran, you will be assigned an assistant, experienced tutor who can provide quick feedback. In addition, interactive and simple video sessions can facilitate your learning. Our course content for adults and quran lessons are produced by expert Arabic speakers and quran scholars. To learn more about our sacrifices, schedule your free assessment here.


To conclude, the prophet (peace and blessings of allah be upon him) said: “whoever is an expert in the recitation of the quran will be with the honorable and obedient scribe (angels) and whoever recites the quran and finds it difficult to recite, will do his best to recite it in the best way, he will have two rewards,” (Al-bukhari and Muslim).

Sami al quran provides online quran teaching for children as well as adults for hifz quran classes who continuously work to provide proper and authentic knowledge to students of quran

 Contact us now and learn to read al quran online from the comfort of your own home!


How long will it take to learn Quran or Arabic?

Depending on how many classes you get, there will be adults from 4 to 10 weeks for the quranic course. One course for Arabic can run anywhere from 3 to 12 months.

 On the other hand it takes children 8 weeks to 14 weeks to learn quran, depending on their age, aptitude and support given by parents. One course for Arabic language can last anywhere from 6 to 14 months.

Prayer cannot begin without it. Regular hand-, face-, and mouth-washing have been demonstrated to decrease the spread of bacteria and disease, supporting the health benefits of wudu.

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