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Ramadan 2024 UK Calendar

ramadan 2024 uk calendar

Ramadan is the most important time of the year for muslims all over the world, including the people of UK. Practice throughout the month of Ramadan includes fasting from sunrise to sunset and avoiding food, water and other physical needs during the day. In Uk, muslims like other countries celebrate Ramadan in many ways, including following Ramadan 2024 in Uk, observing iftar time UK  and sehri time UK.

During the holy month of Ramadan 2024 UK plays an essential role in the guidance of muslims through the routine of fasting and prayer. It usually provides dates and times for fasting, prayer and other important events in Ramadan, which are based on the vision of the new moon. The calendar is used to calculate the beginning and end of Ramadan and to determine the maximum time for sehri (sehri) and iftar, the two most important events of the day.

Iftar time in the UK when fasting breaks at sunset. The time of iftar is eagerly awaited by muslims and they are often gathered with family and friends to enjoy the meal one day after iftar. In Uk , many Muslim communities organize iftar celebrations at local mosques, community centers, or public places to break their fast together. These events are often open to the public and offer a unique opportunity for non-muslims to learn about Ramadan and its associated customs.

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Ramadan 2024 is an important month for Muslim communities in the UK. In the meantime they observe fasting for over a month and engage in spiritual reflection and community gatherings. However a question that often arises is that do their compatriots respect their values during this holy month? It is encouraging to see that more effort has been made by the wider UK community in recent years to show support and understanding from its Muslim neighbors during Ramadan 2024. The UK government recognized the importance of this month for the Muslim communities and even issued a calendar of Ramadan 2024. As the country becomes more diverse, it is important that we continue to respect and appreciate different cultural and religious practices, especially during times as important as Ramadan 2024 in UK.

In the morning, UK is the first meal in the morning that muslims consume before starting their daily fasting. It is eaten before dawn, the first prayer of the day, and usually before dawn. Muslims in Britain get up early to eat their sehri, which gives them the energy they need to maintain them throughout the day. Sehri is an essential food, and many muslims prefer to eat something that is high in protein and slow digestive carbohydrates to help them feel complete for longer.

The maximization of Ramadan in the UK is an important event for muslims, and includes following Ramadan 2024 UK, observing iftar time UK, and sehri time UK..

During Ramadan, muslims in the UK come together to break their fast and share their experiences, both with each other and with the wider community. Ramadan celebration is a great opportunity for people of all faiths to come together, learn about each other’s customs and celebrate the diversity that makes UK a vibrant and exciting.

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Ramadan 2024 Date in UK

There are many islamic events in Islam that have their own importance. However Ramadan is also included in the most sacred event of Islam. Every year muslims in the UK make special arrangements regarding the event.

The UK’s Ramadan time is 2024 and the Ramadan calendar is 2024 and the 30-day timetable for all cities. Ramadan month is starting from 2024 to 10 March 2024 and 1st Ramadan in UK will be on Thursday 1445 hijri For different cities, the time of Ramadan and the time of fasting is mentioned below, where you get the right time for Ramadan 2024.

Ramadan in the UK is expected to begin on Wednesday, March 10, 2024, and end on Friday, April 8, 2024.

Praise be to Allah! The blessed month of Ramadan is once again upon us! For muslims all over the world, these few weeks are a holy time to worship Allah almighty. They present the occasion of devotion, reflection and celebration of the mercy and love of almighty Allah. (see our Birmingham Ramadan timetable below for this year’s Ramadan prayer times for 2024, as well as Ramadan fasting times for sehri and iftar)

As the islamic calendar is established around the lunar cycle, the holy month of Ramadan rotates every year by about ten days. Depending on the visibility of the moon, this year Ramadan will begin on March 11, 2024.

Ramadan Timetable for Different Cities of UK 2024





05:17 AM

05:34 PM


05:18 AM

05:36 PM


05:17 AM

05:34 PM


05:25 AM

05:42 PM


05:29 AM

05:40 PM


05:46 AM

05:36 PM


05:27 AM

05:38 PM


05:38 AM

05:45 PM


05:17 AM

05:34 PM

Upcoming Islamic Events



Gregorian Date

Islamic Date

FEB 24

Shab e Barat in UK

Feb 24

15 Shaban 1445 AH

MAR 10

Ramadan in UK

Mar 10

01 Ramadan 1445 AH

APR 09

Eid ul Fitr in UK

Apr 09

01 Shawwal 1445 AH

JUN 14

Waqf Al Arafa (Hajj) in UK

Jun 14

09 Zulhijjah 1445 AH

JUN 15

Eid Ul Adha in UK

Jun 15

10 Zulhijjah 1445 AH

JUL 16

Ashura in UK

Jul 16

10 Muharram 1446 AH

SEP 14

12 Rabi Ul Awal in UK

Sep 14

12 Rabi Ul Awal 1446 AH

APR 05

Laylat al Qadr in UK

Apr 05

27 Ramadan 1445 AH

JUL 06

1st Muharram in UK

Jul 06

01 Muharram 1446 AH

AUG 24

Chehlum (Arbaeen) in UK

Aug 24

20 Safar 1446 AH

OCT 13

Gyarvi Sharif in UK

Oct 13

11 Rabi Ul Akhir 1446 AH


Q1_ What is the expected date of Ramadan 2024 in the UK?

A_Month of Ramadan 2024 is expected to start on 10 March 2024 and 1st Ramadan in UK..

Q2_ What is the history of Ramadan 2024 in the UK?

A_Ramadan in Britain is expected to begin on March 10, 2024 AD (subject to moon viewing) and end on April 8, 2024 AD.

Q3_What is the time of Ramadan in the UK?

A_Ramadan time in Birmingham is 2024, sahar 05:12 PM and iftar 05:37 PM.

Q_What is the time of sehri in UK?

A_Today’s morning in Birmingham is February 24, 2024 at 05:12 am.

Q4_What is the time of iftar in the UK?

A_Today iftar time in Birmingham is February 24, 2024 at 05:37 PM.

Q5_What is the date of the beginning of Ramadan in the UK and the date of the end?

A_This year Ramadan will begin in the UK on March 10, 2024 and end on April 8, 2024.

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