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The Significance of Wudu: Deepening Connection with Allah

The word wudu comes from the Arabic word “Wadho’ah” which means good and beautiful

 Ablution, by terminology, is the process of washing the ritual of certain parts of our body in a specific way to remove impurities Although wudhu itself is a kind of worship which includes some rewards, for performing other ritual worships.

wudu can also be seen as a condition, such as performing umrah and hajj (pilgrimage of ka ‘bah), holding the quran and, most importantly, performing our five-day prayers. Allah says in the holy quran:

يَـٰٓأَيُّهَا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوٓا۟ إِذَا قُمْتُمْ إِلَى ٱلصَّلَوٰةِ فَٱغْسِلُوا۟ وُجُوهَكُمْ وَأَيْدِيَكُمْ إِلَى ٱلْمَرَافِقِ وَٱمْسَحُوا۟ بِرُءُوسِكُمْ وَأَرْجُلَكُمْ إِلَى ٱلْكَعْبَيْنِۚ 

 If you pray, wash your faces and your hands

 “O you who believe! When you wake up for prayer, wash your faces and hands up to elbows, wipe your heads and wash your feet up to the ankles”

 (surah al-maida, v: 6)

It is obligatory for sunnah prayers before we perform our prayers, we still want to perform wudu or ablution as a form of purification of the self. As the intention of ablution is obligatory, there is some prayer in it that can complete the ritual that is this prayer. Although not obligatory, it is a recommended step to recite your ablution to perfect.

Perfecting Ablution Before Prayer

wudu process

Perfecting ablution before prayer is one of the best ways to improve your prayers since it helps you keep in mind that your prayers are a form of devotion. prayer is made in the best form you could Removing worries and worries on your prayers as you did, is this the correct number of rakaah, etc.

Dua itself comes with several meanings that we as human beings are recommended to recognize and recite our whole day, as a form of remembering Allah and his majesty. This is a prayer which contains us who testifies to the oneness of Allah and the prophet (peace and blessings of Allah upon him) is his messenger, with the hopes of being among those who repent and purify themselves, and for forgiveness and repentance.

Before we can pray we need to prepare ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually. A major part of this preparation is that which is known as ablution. It is a purification process that every Muslim must perform before his prayer.

It is an important part of salah that if someone leaves it because of negligence, ignorance, forgetting, the prayer of those people will not be accepted by Allah.

 Our dear Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said,

“No salah is accepted without wudu (purification)”

Sahih Muslim, Book 2, Hadith 2

How To Make Wudu?

  • Step1 : Start by saying”Ta’awwuz” and “bismillah”‘.

“أَعْوذْ بِاللهِ مِنَ الشَّيطَانِ الرَّجِيم”

“A’uzu Billahi Minash-shaitanir rajim”

-I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Syaitan-

“بِسمِ اللهِ الرَّحمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ”


-In the name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful-

•Step 2 : Wash your hands thoroughly three times.

Prophet muhammad (pbuh) taught us to start from our right first. That means you need to wash your right hand three times from the toes to the wrist.

Remember that water touches every part of the hand while performing ablution. Then do the same thing three times with your left hand.

  • Step 3 : Take some water in your right hand and rinse your mouth three times. Do it well to clean your mouth properly.
  • Step 4 : First wash your mouth three times, rotate the water thoroughly around and then wash your nose three times, puff the water from your nose using the left hand to drain the water. This sunnah shows that this water is so pure and clean that it is enough to use for wudu!
  • Step 5 : Make your intention that you are now performing the duties (obligatory) deeds of ablution.
  • Step 6 : Every part of the face needs to be washed. That is, from ear to ear and from the top of your forehead to the bottom of your chin. Do this step three times.

Wash the face three times, and make sure that from the forehead to the chin as well as to the ears, the pur face, the eyebrows, the nose and the bottom of the nose and the lips are thoroughly washed. Men should also wash their beard hair thoroughly. 

And those who have thin beards, they need water to reach the skin of their face, and if the beard is thick, they can run through it with their wet fingers to wash the surface of the beard.

  • Step 7 : Now start the hands with fingertips and wash your right arm three times to the elbow. Hands should be washed in such a way that no part is left dry. Then, wash your left arm in the same way and do it three times.
  • •Step 8 : Wipe your head instead of “wash”. 

    Here the words were chosen deliberately. 

    Wet your hands and wipe them from the top of the forehead to the back of the head, and then wipe them back from the back of the head to the forehead.This is only done once.

    Women have long hair. Women should wipe their hair from the front of their neck to the roots of their hair. Women do not need to wipe their hair length.

    • Step 9 : Wipe your ears by putting your index fingers in your ears and wiping your back with your thumbs. It is better to use fresh water for it.

    This is only done once.

    • Step 10 : Wash your feet three times to the ankle, be sure to wipe between your feet with your little finger. Don’t forget behind your ankle.

    Similarly, whatever was done with our hands, we will also wash our feet three times.

     Start with your fingers on your right foot and add your ankle as well. Make sure that water touches every area of the right foot, especially between the toes and the back of the ankle. Do it three times with the right foot then do it three times with the left foot.

    • Step 11: When the prophet (peace and blessings of allaah be upon him) completed his ablution, he would say shahadat!

    “أشهد أن لا إله إلا الله وأشهد أن محمدا رسول الل”

    “Ash-hadu an la ilaha  illal lahu wa ash-hadu anna Muhammadan ‘abduhu wa rasuluh.”

    In other words, “I bear witness that Muhammad is Allah’s servant and messenger, and that there is no god but Allah.”

     After this statement, they will pray as follow: 

    “اللهم اجعلنا من التّوابين، واجعلنا من المتطهرين”

    “Allahuma j‘alnee mina tawabeen waj-‘alnee minal mutatahireen”

    Which literally reads, “O Allah, make me from among those who repent and are very clean.”

     At this time your ablution is completed and you can start praying.

What Nullifies Your Wudu?

A Muslim cannot pray until he or she has completed ablution, as we explained before in this chapter. This raises the following general query:

•_How long will my wudu last?

The answer is that your ablution remains until one of the following (or more) becomes:

  • Anything that is a natural substance. It refers to urine, stool,natural discharges,vomiting, defecation, excessive bleeding, and passing gas.
  • Falling asleep
  • Be unconscious
  • Ejaculation

also nullifies wudu.

It is not enough to perform wudu again after intercourse to be able to pray. Another form of purification is known as bathing.

According to the instructions given, if any of it remains in place, you will need to perform ablution again. Sami Al Quran is the best platform for learning Quran and Islam.

Making Wudu While Wearing Socks or Shoes

If you decide to put on your socks while you have ablution, then you do not have to take off your socks if any time comes to repeat your ablution.

You will reach this stage while performing ablution. Where you need to wash your feet three times, you’ll do something different from (step 10) at the moment:

  • Put on your socks. You don’t have to take them off for this step.
  • Using your right hand you will gently wipe at the top of your right foot. This is only done once.
  • Using your right hand again you will gently wipe the top of your left foot.

The prophet muhammad used to do this when he performed ablution with his socks.

The same requirements apply to shoes and sandals as long as they cover the ankles, even if we were talking about socks in this part.

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FAQs about Wudu

Why is Wudu Important?

Cleanliness and cleanliness are of great importance in Islam.Wudu is performed for spiritual purification and physical purity before prayer, so that ‘purity and purity is provided before communicating with Allah.

Prayer cannot begin without it. Regular hand-, face-, and mouth-washing have been demonstrated to decrease the spread of bacteria and disease, supporting the health benefits of wudu.

When is Wudu Required?

Islamic prayer is offered five times daily, and while ablution should not be repeated before each prayer, it is advised to do so in order to feel rejuvenated. Ablution is broken or void by removing solid or liquid or air from private parts including sexual intercourse, bleeding, vomiting, falling asleep or taking any intoxicating substance.

Why is it necessary to do Wudu?

Ablution is more than a spiritual “pure”. This, in my opinion, is a time to remove previous thoughts and feelings before praying so that you can pray with a clear head. Ablution is a very personal thing, about a time where you respect your body. You take time to wash your elbow with your hand, in your ears and feet behind your neck. You become more aware and intimate with your body than you will with a shower. There is, of course, a logical reason, that you should be clear before you pray, but this is a personal explanation of my ablution.

How to Perform Wudu?-

Muslims start practice in the name of god and start washing both hands well.

The mouth is then rinsed three times after the nostrils, then three times. The next face is washed three times inside and around the ears before being cleaned from forehead to bottom of chin. The forehead is then cleaned up to the elbow starting with the right arm, then repeated the left three times with each arm.


Wet hands then pass through the top of the hair from the front top of the forehead to the back of the neck. This process is finally completed by washing the left side to the ankle starting with the right foot.


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